History of the SFCA Shield

Mark Romero, Estella Collazo and Michele Stilla designed the Southern Florida Concierge Association emblem. There is true meaning behind this emblem and its history. We begin by defining our crest or "shield". Back in old Europe a family’s crest was a sign of their unity and strength. The four points on the crest represent the four counties (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe) that the S.F.C.A. serves. The palm tree is synonymous with South Florida and its warm climate. On each side of the palm tree, embedded on a blue background, is another Florida symbol, the seahorse. By standing poised on each side of the palm, they represent Florida as a peninsula surrounded by water on both sides. The seahorse is a rare spectacle in Florida waters, but when seen, is remembered in your mind's eye for years to come. The crossed golden keys are the international symbol for the concierge and finally the banner on the bottom of the crest gives this particular crest its identity. It belongs to the Southern Florida Concierge Association. An association of professional concierges founded in 1987 to educate, promote and foster goodwill throughout our hotels and community. Members wearing this prestigious crest or "shield of honor" have been recognized as true professionals in the hospitality industry. Thus is the meaning behind our "shield".

History of Some of Our Past Presidents and Founding Members:

Kay Cremeens

Ed Ponder

Kleber Topiol

Charly Naranjo

Charly Naranjo

Estella Collazo

Some of our Current and Past Board Members 2012-2013

(L/R): Estella Collazo; Joseph Colon; Delio Batista; James Poitras; Amparo Valbuena; Miguel Pena; Vicky Reyes;
Gene Ruotolo; Nina Eberlijn; Ed Ponder

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